Style_experiment_particle + rail Sop


Visual style experimentation
Combine Particle and Rail sop together to create a contrast effect.
This effect can be used for the expression of contrast concept from two sperated but liked parts.
Download : Toe

Tscript to Python in Touchdesigner

//Copy Sop
$PT : The Point Number of the Template-> me.inputPoint.index
$CY – The Number of Copies. -> me.copyIndex
$NCY – The Number of Copies -> me.copyTotal
< //Primative Sop &PR : Primitive number -> me.inputPrim.index

//Primitive Sop
$CEX, $CEY, $CEZ – The centroid of the primitive.
$NX, $NY, $NZ – The normal of the primitive. Will be 0 for some primitives like sphere and tube (which don’t have normals).
-> me.inputPrim.normal[0] / me.inputPrim.normal[1] / me.inputPrim.normal[2]
$CR, $CG, $CB – Red, green and blue primitive color.
-> me.inputColor[0] / me.inputColor[1] / me.inputColor[2]
Index of primavitve me.inputPrim.index

//Point Sop
$TX TY TZ :The point position -> me.inputPoint.x / me.inputPoint.y / me.inputPoint.z
For particles
$LIFE :[0]

//For Expression Chop
first channel of first input is ‘ me.inputs[0][0]

//Someting input

//Turn on/off render flag
op.render = 1 -> Turn on
op.render = 0 -> Turn off


Draw a line with Music


Sound : Patrick Hutchings Jazz Orchestra – (Student recording) City Festival

Download : Toe


rgbDance2 rgbDanceCapture

  • 3D shape is construct with limits SOP.
  •  Title and feedback Top are used to create a psychedelic kaleidoscope motion.

Dowload TOE : rgbDance

In Action : Vimeo