Travelogue 2011


Investigating the ‘enigma’ of artificial life through the creation of a generative world and documentary recorded by an artificial filmmaker. We unpack the human endeavor; life as it is and life as it can be.


Travelogue: A Recording of Minute Expressions, 2011

Mark Guglielmetti in collaboration with Indae Hwang, software and code (VVVV).

Memory Room (2015)

20150912_123641 Indae Hwang, Sample room (2015)

Memory Room is an interactive tool that allows visitors to create a three dimensional image of a room based on their selection of emotive images. Memory Room also prompts the user to write a short narrative about their generated room. In doing so, this project seeks to build a conversation about home as a genre of storytelling, to broaden the scope of how memories attached to the familiar, yet uncanny landscape of home are described, and to create a sense of inclusion as boundaries between people and place merge on a shared public platform. Also on exhibition, My Make-believe Room is an interactive tool that generates a virtual image of a child’s bedroom guided by the child with many of the same features. The child is presented with a panel of twenty colourful images. They are instructed to select five images that they like. Based on their image selections, a three dimensional image of a room is generated. They can add shapes, windows and doors to further personalise the room. Based on age-level, the child is prompted to write a short story about their room or a story will be automatically generated based on words programmed with the image selections. This project aims to engage children to respond in real time to the creation of a new image of their imagined bedroom; to promote family conversation about home and imagination; to foster curiosity, discovery, play, and reflection.

15 September – 15 December 2015 Library at The Dock, 107 Victoria Harbour Promenade, Docklands

MADA lecturers Pamela Salen and Indae Hwang have collaborated to create Memory Room, an interactive touchscreen experience for Library at The Dock.This interactive system is programmed with VVVV.



Basic introduction pdf on VVVV. This pdf is based on VVVV beta 34.

Download : VVVV